How to wash knitwear

The most important question when buying knitwear is what is on the care label? Each piece of knitwear will have different needs. From cashmere to cotton and angora to wool each fabric will need to be washed differently.


Washing cashmere may seem very daunting. Not only for the fact that the garment was most likely quite pricey because of its high quality, but also it can easily shrink if not done properly. First things first, check the label. Similar to angora knitwear, if you can help it try to limit the amount of washes that your cashmere needs to be cleaned. However, if you do need to wash it, you have two options. Some cashmere garments can be washed in the washing machine or if you want to play it safe wash it by hand – we’d recommend the latter just in case! If you are washing your knitwear in the washing machine set it to a delicate or woollen cycle and choose a cashmere shampoo. Alternatively use cashmere shampoo and wash by hand.

100% WOOL

Most wool knitwear garments will say that they are machine washable on the care label, however, we would take this with a pinch of salt. If you use a washing machine, ensure it is set to a gentle cycle for knits to avoid any shrinking and make sure it’s on a cool setting of 30 degrees. We’d also recommend using a mild soap with a low PH. Alternatively, hand washing is a safer option, once cleaned don’t twist the garment to wring out the excess water as this can cause your knitwear to lose it’s shape. Lay the knitwear flat and stretch it gently to the correct size and shape.


If the composition of your knitwear is angora its vital that you do not use a washing machine to clean it. Wash it by hand in cold or lukewarm water and ensure that you don’t dry clean it, as this may cause it to shrink. If it can be helped, try not to over wash your angora knitwear, unless absolutely necessary. Try to use a neutral PH balanced shampoo or soap and rinse in cool water to get all the soap out. When you dry it, ensure that it is laid flat to avoid the garment losing its shape.

To our opinion is the easiest knitwear to wash, cotton knitwear can be popped in the washing machine without the risk of shrinkage. However be sure to follow washing instructions and wash on a gentle cycle, laying the garment flat after washing to keep the shape.

Wool blend
As with our advice above, always read the care label first, but with the majority of acrylic garments, you can pop your knitwear in the washing machine on a delicate cycle and cold wash with regular laundry gel. Alternatively, if you want to be particularly careful hand wash and lay flat to dry.

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