Features:A 100% natural fiber, merino wool has several highly functional features. Only the finest merino wool, which doesn’t itch, is used for t-shirts, underwear, etc. For this reason, products made from merino wool are slightly more expensive than the alternatives, but they often last longer./collections/pure-line-turtlenecs-minimalistic-100-merino


    1. Soft and plush. The smooth fibers of mohair do not irritate the skin, even for people who are sensitive to most wool.

    2.Long lasting. Mohair can be twisted and bent without damage to the fiber; it is the most durable animal fiber.
    3. Luxurious. Fashion is trending toward natural fibers.
    4. Comfortable. Mohair’s fibers do not conduct heat, mohair provides good insulation, even when wet. Mohair easily absorbs and releases moisture, moving perspiration away from the skin for evaporation; it is therefore comfortable to wear in both cold and hot weather./products/anna-cropped-off-sholder-lightweight-red-mohair-woman-jumper

  • mohair oversize jumper


    We produce knitwear that is truly sustainable sourced & produced and includes fine & chunky merino wool, as well as mohair and cashmere.

    Our carefully selected edit includes pullovers, jumpers, tops, cardigans as well as accessories such as hats, scarves & gloves by.