VARVARÁ core values is to produce high quality timeless knitwear while taking care of the environment, people and other factors ensuring sustainability.

In this statement we would like to present the main sustainability goals we’re currently working on together with the actions we’re implementing to achieve the goals:

1. Sustainable timeless garments
Together with experts we choose the most successful designs for our basic knitted garments. Making the perfect fit we achieve that our essentials reaches maximum looks can be created with our basic clothes.
2. High quality makes long lasting
We knit with certified premium yarns and blends to guarantee the best looking, long lasting and performing knitwear.
3.Customized knitwear
Go beyond our core size offer and create your very own custom knitwear, that fits your body. Custom made knitted tracksuit or any other model is possible. Go to SIZING section where you can find detailed information or just contact us +371 26060038 or
4. Restoration of your favorite knitted clothing
We are glad to serve our customers by putting their beloved knitwear in order, so the knitted jumper can be used longer.