VARVARÁ atelier has experts in fiber and textile crafts, needlework, leather working, embroidery, shoe making, silk hand painting. 

We do take orders online, all you have to do is to give us measurements and detailed task for order, then follow the process online and get the order in 2 business days.

    1. We knit custom orders. It provides the finest knitwear and the most accurate customer service. We have 3, 5, 7hand knitting machines 10, 12 gg no fully fashion machines. We provide fast prototype service. One, two, tree days EXPRESS production is available.
    2. We sew any kind of clothes. Anything from high street to couture production. It is enough with photo of desired garment and clients measurement.
    3. Beyond imagination. Anything from shoes, painting on silk, any kind of embroidery to furniture. Let us know if we can help you: info@varvaraatelier.com, 0037126060038.