What is the difference between Estonian and Latvian design?

What is the difference between Estonian and Latvian design?

Latvian brands are available at Tallinn Design House as part of the Latvian brands POP-UP Project. DELFI asked stylist Svetlana Agureeva, Varan Latvija and KARELS"JJ representative Julija Bekere and SWEETSANDKNITS designer Kamila Kasjarum about the difference between Latvian and Estonian design.

- What is the difference between Latvian design and Estonian design? Or is there no difference?

Kamila: In Latvia the design is closer to nature, more tranquil tones and lines - more Baltic. Estonian design is more fusion fashion and Scandinavian.

- In Estonia, local design is much loved and appreciated. Is the same attitude in Latvia?

Kamila: Latvians are very fond of local production. I love visiting all sorts of markets and fairs myself, talking to other designers.

- What makes the Latvian brands represented at Tallinn Design Rooms special?

Kamila: SWEETSANDKNITS is a knitwear that lasts for years. We produce timeless women knitwear, that can be combined with any on-trend garment. What makes it special is the quality and details. Our bestseller is a turtleneck made of 100% merino wool that we buy in Italy and produce in Latvia. We have technologists who knit both by crochet and hand knitting machines. We continue the tradition of previous years.
We are the part of sustainable fashion and tailor-made production. Customers can come into any of our shops and order items to suit their height and clothing size - longer, shorter, etc. We can deliver anywhere in the world!

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